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FAQs by TruClean Wash - New Jersey Power Washing

What insurance does TruClean Wash maintain:

  • General Liability with Liberty Mutual
  • Umbrella Liability with Liberty Mutual
  • Workers Compensation with Hartford Ins.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance with Geico
  • Bonded with Western Surety

Can I get proof of Insurance before work is started:

Yes, Certificate of Insurance is attached to all our estimates.

Do we require a deposit:


How long have you been in this line of work:

We have been in the exterior cleaning business for over 16 years.

What type of cleaning solutions do you use:

Most of the cleaning solutions we use are biodegradable and eco friendly products; there are times when stronger solutions are needed to remove such items as rust, graffiti, oil, etc.

What process does TruClean Wash use to clean our home:

We are certified SoftWash Systems contractors and use this method, which is the preferred method of cleaning vinyl, hardy board, stucco, 雪松木和任何可能被高压清洗机损坏的材料. We do use pressure washers to clean hardscape materials such as concrete, pavers, blue stone, black top, etc.

What is the difference between SoftWashing vs. Pressure Washing:

皇冠6686体育利用溶液来分解和清洁表面,同时进行高容量/低压冲洗. 这确保了在你看不到的地方藻类和霉菌的生长被杀死,并防止了高压造成的损害.

Pressure Washing utilizes high pressure to blast off the algae and mold. This will remove some, but not all, 它会比使用软化方法更快地恢复. Pressure Washing can damage the surface because of the high pressure. 它也可以把水送到墙板上和墙板下,造成水对保温材料的破坏.

How long will the job take to complete:

每一项工作都是独一无二的,TruClean Wash以自己是最好的外部清洁剂而自豪. 只有当所有区域都按照TruClean Wash规范进行彻底清洁时,我们才会称工作完成. Most jobs will be completed within 2 to 4 hours.

What are the details of the TruClean Wash 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

You deserve the very best in cleaning services. TruClean Wash以为客户提供真正的360°体验而自豪. 我们相信,仅仅擅长一件事是不够的,要做到最好,你必须在与客户的所有接触点上都表现出色.

360°TruClean洗涤体验意味着:从开始到结束,您将100%满意. 在您第一次打电话到我们的办公室时,我们会有一个友好的现场人员与您讨论您的清洁需求并回答您的所有问题, we will give you an accurate on time estimate for the work requested, usually within 24 hours of your request. If a delay is going to happen, we will contact you with an update. 我们的估价包括要进行的工作的详细说明以及我们的保险证书的副本, we also include a link to our before & after gallery and our testimonials. 我们将在您方便的时候安排工作,并在您的时间范围内工作. We will provide a window of arrival for the day the cleaning is scheduled. 在清洁当天,将进行预检查,并对预定工作进行审查. 在我们的清洁工作完成后,将进行一次事后检查,以确保所有区域都被清洁干净. 发票和付款收据将发送您的记录与链接到您的工作之前和画廊之后. 一个跟进电话,以确保您完全满意,同时讨论或安排任何未来的工作或经常性的需求. 如果由于任何原因,您不是100%满意,请通知我们,我们将纠正问题.

Do you have a before & gallery of your work:

Yes, the TruClean Wash gallery can be found here


Do you have testimonials or references available for review:

Yes, the TruClean Wash testimonials can be found here


Do I need to be home when work is to be completed:

No, work can be completed withoutyou being present.

For exterior cleaning please make sure all windows are closed and locked

Water must be available from at least 1 outside spigot, TruClean Wash带来了550加仑的水,但我们需要在用水时进行回填.

如果你家有可以上下滑动的户外屏幕,请将屏幕从窗台向上滑动约3英寸. 这将使水更容易冲洗掉,并提供更好的清洁效果.

Do I have to worry about plants and shrubs:


We use biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions. We take extra care to water plant life in and around your home.

我们不允许我们的线条伤害花朵或植物,也不会在植物生命上行走. We treat your property as if it was our own. This is the only way to guarantee a Tru360° experience.

Do I need to provide water:

Yes, 我们确实带了550加仑的水,但需要从您所在的地方给我们的水箱补充水.

Do you use heated water:

Yes, if needed.


What are the black streaks on my roof:

Did you know your roof is not dirty at all, it’s infested. 被微小的微生物所感染,这些微生物就像自助餐一样在你的屋顶上吃东西. 这些藻类、霉菌、霉菌和细菌实际上在分解它们生长的表面. 大自然利用这些微小的微生物将较大的物体分解成较小的物体,最终成为土壤的一部分. This is called decomposition. 你的屋顶和房屋周围的其他表面就在你眼前受到攻击和腐烂.

在过去,压力清洗机被用来清除这些表面上的藻类和霉菌. This is actually the absolute wrong thing to do. Water under pressure created the Grand Canyon by a process called erosion. Using a pressure washer and taking an eroder to clean away a decomposer, 真的会加速屋顶和其他表面的老化和分解吗. 压力洗涤是老派的,不能解决藻类、霉菌和细菌染色的问题.

Will the lichen and moss on my roof come off? How long will it take?

Yes, 每个屋顶都是独一无二的,但只要地衣和苔藓得到处理,它们就会消散和脱落,这个过程可能需要120天. 地衣和苔藓是有生命的有机体,它们附着在你的屋顶上,但如果处理得当,它们会自己脱落,在那里留下一个新的屋顶.

Can I meet with you during the estimate process:

Yes, 您可以选择在我们的估算过程中与我们会面,但没有必要完成估算.

How is payment collected:

费用在清洁工作结束当天收取. 如果需要其他付款安排,应在日程安排时进行讨论.


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